March 11, 2018

“Dr Clark, Hi! Since I started this protocol you sent me I have felt 100% better in every way –although the Candida is still there but it is better. “

–Angie, 37 year old music teacher

Angie came to me diagnosed with Subclinical Hypothyroidism (high TSH, but everything else normal)…

…and suffering with symptoms of:

  • weight gain
  • lack of energy
  • depression
  • cold hands & feet
  • food intolerances
  • gas and bloating.

I did a complete blood chemistry work-up on her to find out– mainly–if she had Hashimoto’s….she didn’t. Both her TPO and TGB antibodies were negative.

BUT Angie did have these important findings on her blood tests:

  • High cardio-C reactive protein (inflammation)
  • Poor magnesium (1.7) –so poor carbohydrate metabolism
  • Iron deficiency (ferritin level 25) – almost guaranteed to cause fatigue and low energy, not to mention depression
  • Low Vitamin D (27)–so, a lot of inflammation since Vitamin D regulates your immune system
  • Poor folate levels (9.8) — HIGHLY linked to depression and low energy
  • Poor B12 levels (320) – HIGHLY linked to depression and low energy

She started her drug-free treatment plan 30 days ago, and sent me that wonderful update…she’s feeling 100% better!

Look, not EVERY woman with low thyroid has Hashimoto’s. The key to successful treatment of low thyroid symptoms is doing the right tests to dig deep and find the REAL cause of your symptoms. So make sure you’re working with someone who will be a good detective and do that hard work for you.

…Oh, and 30 days of any treatment plan is plenty of time to find out if you’re on the right track or not.

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