October 11, 2017

56 year old Faye had been suffering fatigue and weakness for 5 years.

Lots of things can cause fatigue and weakness:

…blood sugar (both high and low)

…iron deficiency (this is MISSED all the time on bloodwork)

…thyroid hormones (of course)

…even bad brain function.

I ordered comprehensive blood chemistry for Faye and, for time’s sake, here’s just the thyroid panel:

  • TSH – 1.13 NORMAL
  • T4 – 4.8 unhealthy low, despite being “normal” by lab range
  • T3 – 60 LAB LOW
  • T3 uptake – 32 NORMAL
  • Reverse T3 – 18.9 NORMAL
  • Free T4 – 1.06 NORMAL
  • Free T3 – 1.8 LAB LOW
  • TPO antibodies and TGB antibodies both negative

First, you’ll notice I ordered a COMPLETE Thyroid Panel–not just a TSH and Free T4. If I had skimped and ran only those 2 markers, I would’ve completely missed Faye’s problem.

Her blood results show she has 2 problems happening at the same time:

  1. Sluggish Pituitary — thus the low-ish TSH and low-ish T4. This is sometimes called “Secondary Hypothyroid.”
  2. Underconversion — thus the really low T3 and low free T3.

Honestly, these 2 causes of low thyroid aren’t very common.

The VAST majority of women suffering with low thyroid symptoms such as these:

  • fatigue
  • hair loss
  • constipation
  • brain fog
  • weight gain

And the vast majority of women diagnosed with hypothyroidism, have Hashimoto’s as the cause.

But…Faye DOES HAVE the uncommon problems: Sluggish Pituitary & Underconversion.

(And remember, if I had ran only a TSH and free T4 I would’ve been scratching my head like the other doctors she’d seen before me).

Her treatment plan included specific support for both of these problems.

And 30 days later (today) Faye says…

…her fatigue and energy are 80% better.

But did the thyroid numbers change? This is really important for her long term prognosis.

We’ll find out in 3 weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

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