June 29, 2011

Dr. David Clark, DC director of the Center for Low Thyroid Solutions in Durham, NC talks with his patient, Susan as she shares her Hashimoto’s success story.

Dr. David Clark:    Susan, you’ve been doing how well?

Susan:    Much better.

Dr. David Clark:    Yeah?  So, explain again.

Susan:    Much better..My hair’s falling out less, my fingernails are a bit better, and this is, I think, only day 19, and my digestive problems have cleared up by 95 percent.

Dr. David Clark:    Cool.  And you didn’t really think you had any digestive problems, though, did you?

Susan:    And I didn’t think I had any, so now I –

Dr. David Clark:    But, you felt 95 percent better, right?

Susan:    – now I realize I did have it.

Dr. David Clark:    Yeah.

Susan:    Did have them.  And I got more energy.  I have a lot more energy.

Dr. David Clark:    So, how do you know that, though?  How do you –

Susan:    Well, because I work out really hard a few times a week, and my trainer says, “My God, you’re getting stronger,” and I’ve lost seven pounds.

Dr. David Clark:    Wow.  Wow, that’s –

Susan:    Without dieting, I mean, other than this diet….  I mean, and there was nothing I could do – I forgot to tell you that.  There’s nothing I could do before to get under 150.  No matter how much I ate, how much I didn’t eat, I stayed the same.  Giving up diary and the gluten –

Dr. David Clark:    Broke the barrier.

Susan:    – I broke the barrier.  I’m down seven, and I feel like I’ll probably lose a little bit more, but I kind of – I like being a little bit chunky, so I’m probably – I don’t want to get passed –…    I don’t want to be too skinny.

Dr. David Clark:    You don’t want to be a stick figure.  But, you want to feel good is the point, right?

Susan:    Yeah, I feel great.

Dr. David Clark:    So, where were you losing hair at?  Was it, like, hair on your head type thing?

Susan:    Yes.

Dr. David Clark:    And so, you noticed that you’re losing less?

Susan:    Yes.

Dr. David Clark:    Like, how much less would you say?  Could you quantify it at all, I mean?

Susan:    Probably three-quarters less.

Dr. David Clark:    Wow.  How would – how did you know you were using it?  Like, when you were taking a shower?

Susan:    I’d find it in the tub –

Dr. David Clark:    Wow.

Susan:    – or on the pillow or wherever.

Dr. David Clark:    On the pillow.  Well, that’s fantastic.

Susan:    Yeah.

Dr. David Clark:    That’s cool.  Well, great.  All right, well, we’re really just getting started, so I – we’ll talk to you –

Susan:    I’m ready.

Dr. David Clark:    Yeah, we’ll –

Susan:    And I’m very committed.

Dr. David Clark:    Cool, all right.

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