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Subclinical Hypothyroid Patient feels 100% Better after 30 Days

“Dr Clark, Hi! Since I started this protocol you sent me I have felt 100% better in every way –although the Candida is still there but it is better. “

–Angie, 37 year old music teacher

Angie came to me diagnosed with Subclinical Hypothyroidism (high TSH, but everything else normal)…

…and suffering with symptoms of:

  • weight gain
  • lack of energy
  • depression
  • cold hands & feet
  • food intolerances
  • gas and bloating.

I did a complete blood chemistry work-up on her to find out– mainly–if she had Hashimoto’s….she didn’t. Both her TPO and TGB antibodies were negative.

BUT Angie did have these important findings on her blood tests:

  • High cardio-C reactive protein (inflammation)
  • Poor magnesium (1.7) –so poor carbohydrate metabolism
  • Iron deficiency (ferritin level 25) – almost guaranteed to cause fatigue and low energy, not to mention depression
  • Low Vitamin D (27)–so, a lot of inflammation since Vitamin D regulates your immune system
  • Poor folate levels (9.8) — HIGHLY linked to depression and low energy
  • Poor B12 levels (320) – HIGHLY linked to depression and low energy

She started her drug-free treatment plan 30 days ago, and sent me that wonderful update…she’s feeling 100% better!

Look, not EVERY woman with low thyroid has Hashimoto’s. The key to successful treatment of low thyroid symptoms is doing the right tests to dig deep and find the REAL cause of your symptoms. So make sure you’re working with someone who will be a good detective and do that hard work for you.

…Oh, and 30 days of any treatment plan is plenty of time to find out if you’re on the right track or not.

80% Improvement After Treating Woman’s Uncommon Cause of Low Thyroid (it’s NOT Hashimoto’s)

56 year old Faye had been suffering fatigue and weakness for 5 years.

Lots of things can cause fatigue and weakness:

…blood sugar (both high and low)

…iron deficiency (this is MISSED all the time on bloodwork)

…thyroid hormones (of course)

…even bad brain function.

I ordered comprehensive blood chemistry for Faye and, for time’s sake, here’s just the thyroid panel:

  • TSH – 1.13 NORMAL
  • T4 – 4.8 unhealthy low, despite being “normal” by lab range
  • T3 – 60 LAB LOW
  • T3 uptake – 32 NORMAL
  • Reverse T3 – 18.9 NORMAL
  • Free T4 – 1.06 NORMAL
  • Free T3 – 1.8 LAB LOW
  • TPO antibodies and TGB antibodies both negative

First, you’ll notice I ordered a COMPLETE Thyroid Panel–not just a TSH and Free T4. If I had skimped and ran only those 2 markers, I would’ve completely missed Faye’s problem.

Her blood results show she has 2 problems happening at the same time:

  1. Sluggish Pituitary — thus the low-ish TSH and low-ish T4. This is sometimes called “Secondary Hypothyroid.”
  2. Underconversion — thus the really low T3 and low free T3.

Honestly, these 2 causes of low thyroid aren’t very common.

The VAST majority of women suffering with low thyroid symptoms such as these:

  • fatigue
  • hair loss
  • constipation
  • brain fog
  • weight gain

And the vast majority of women diagnosed with hypothyroidism, have Hashimoto’s as the cause.

But…Faye DOES HAVE the uncommon problems: Sluggish Pituitary & Underconversion.

(And remember, if I had ran only a TSH and free T4 I would’ve been scratching my head like the other doctors she’d seen before me).

Her treatment plan included specific support for both of these problems.

And 30 days later (today) Faye says…

…her fatigue and energy are 80% better.

But did the thyroid numbers change? This is really important for her long term prognosis.

We’ll find out in 3 weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

Woman with Hashimoto’s, Celiac & Pernicious Anemia Is 80% Better-Daily Energy, Clear Mind

The odds were stacked against Lisa.

She has 3 autoimmune conditions:

  • Hashimoto’s
  • Celiac Disease
  • Pernicious Anemia.

If that wasnt bad enough, she has the MTHFR mutation and genetic Hemochromatosis. She suffered muddy thinking, no energy and bloating.

Hear how she beat the odds with our protocol.

© 2014 David Clark

Relief for PhD Candidate with Hashimoto’s Brain Fog and Fatigue

Natalia suffered with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid brain fog and fatigue even though she was taking thyroid hormone medication. Her symptoms were so bad she couldn’t write her doctoral dissertation, couldn’t deal with her children.—And, in her words “I felt so Inert.”

After only 30 days of treatment, her foggy brain disappeared, and then her energy improved and she felt like her old, active self. After 120 days, she says she’s 80% improved.

Natalia summed up her experience so far with this statement:
“Don’t believe the doctor who tells you that there’s nothing you can do for Hashimoto’s, because that’s NOT true.”

Many women with Hashimoto’s, like Natalia, STILL suffer these low thyroid symptoms even though they take medications like Synthroid®, Armour® and Cytomel®…and even though their lab results are “normal.”

  • Hair loss
  • constipation
  • weight gain
  • infertility
  • sleep problems
  • depression


Low Thyroid Brain Fog, Memory Problems, Hair Loss Eliminated

Corey shares her success with Low thyroid Brain Fog, short term memory problems and Hair loss.

Hashimoto’s Hair Loss & Weight Gain Reversed-Relief

Dr. David Clark, DC director of the Center for Low Thyroid Solutions in Durham, NC talks with his patient, Susan as she shares her Hashimoto’s success story.

Dr. David Clark:    Susan, you’ve been doing how well?

Susan:    Much better.

Dr. David Clark:    Yeah?  So, explain again.

Susan:    Much better..My hair’s falling out less, my fingernails are a bit better, and this is, I think, only day 19, and my digestive problems have cleared up by 95 percent.

Dr. David Clark:    Cool.  And you didn’t really think you had any digestive problems, though, did you?

Susan:    And I didn’t think I had any, so now I –

Dr. David Clark:    But, you felt 95 percent better, right?

Susan:    – now I realize I did have it.

Dr. David Clark:    Yeah.

Susan:    Did have them.  And I got more energy.  I have a lot more energy.

Dr. David Clark:    So, how do you know that, though?  How do you –

Susan:    Well, because I work out really hard a few times a week, and my trainer says, “My God, you’re getting stronger,” and I’ve lost seven pounds.

Dr. David Clark:    Wow.  Wow, that’s –

Susan:    Without dieting, I mean, other than this diet….  I mean, and there was nothing I could do – I forgot to tell you that.  There’s nothing I could do before to get under 150.  No matter how much I ate, how much I didn’t eat, I stayed the same.  Giving up diary and the gluten –

Dr. David Clark:    Broke the barrier.

Susan:    – I broke the barrier.  I’m down seven, and I feel like I’ll probably lose a little bit more, but I kind of – I like being a little bit chunky, so I’m probably – I don’t want to get passed –…    I don’t want to be too skinny.

Dr. David Clark:    You don’t want to be a stick figure.  But, you want to feel good is the point, right?

Susan:    Yeah, I feel great.

Dr. David Clark:    So, where were you losing hair at?  Was it, like, hair on your head type thing?

Susan:    Yes.

Dr. David Clark:    And so, you noticed that you’re losing less?

Susan:    Yes.

Dr. David Clark:    Like, how much less would you say?  Could you quantify it at all, I mean?

Susan:    Probably three-quarters less.

Dr. David Clark:    Wow.  How would – how did you know you were using it?  Like, when you were taking a shower?

Susan:    I’d find it in the tub –

Dr. David Clark:    Wow.

Susan:    – or on the pillow or wherever.

Dr. David Clark:    On the pillow.  Well, that’s fantastic.

Susan:    Yeah.

Dr. David Clark:    That’s cool.  Well, great.  All right, well, we’re really just getting started, so I – we’ll talk to you –

Susan:    I’m ready.

Dr. David Clark:    Yeah, we’ll –

Susan:    And I’m very committed.

Dr. David Clark:    Cool, all right.

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