Relief for PhD Candidate with Hashimoto’s Brain Fog and Fatigue

Natalia suffered with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid brain fog and fatigue even though she was taking thyroid hormone medication. Her symptoms were so bad she couldn’t write her doctoral dissertation, couldn’t deal with her children.—And, in her words “I felt so Inert.”

After only 30 days of treatment, her foggy brain disappeared, and then her energy improved and she felt like her old, active self. After 120 days, she says she’s 80% improved.

Natalia summed up her experience so far with this statement:
“Don’t believe the doctor who tells you that there’s nothing you can do for Hashimoto’s, because that’s NOT true.”

Many women with Hashimoto’s, like Natalia, STILL suffer these low thyroid symptoms even though they take medications like Synthroid®, Armour® and Cytomel®…and even though their lab results are “normal.”

  • Hair loss
  • constipation
  • weight gain
  • infertility
  • sleep problems
  • depression


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