Hypothyroid (Low Thyroid) Mistake #1 – Iodine

Dr. David Clark,DC -Center for Low Thyroid Solutions in Durham, NC-blows the lid off the biggest mistake women with low thyroid can make….taking iodine.

The Biggest Mistake A Woman With Low Thyroid Can Make is Taking Iodine.

Make sure you understand what I’m saying…

Iodine should not be used in someone who’s suffering with low thyroid symptoms.

I know that flies right in the face of a few very prominent “thyroid experts,” but here’s what you don’t know about iodine.

You’ve probably been told that iodine is necessary for thyroid hormone synthesis. And it is, but here is the problem…taking supplemental iodine is dangerous and here’s why.

Over the last 20 years, in various  places around the world with iodine depleted soil, well-meaning groups have gone in and tried to cure the goiters. A goiter develops when you get a swelling of the thyroid gland because you’re iodine deficient.

See, that’s where it starts.  This thinking that well, if you’re iodine deficient, give people iodine to get rid of their goiter—that must be good for someone who has low thyroid.– Hang with me for a second.

What has happened in every single case where they’ve given people iodine in Turkey, Sri Lanka, China… they have simultaneously cured their goiters and given them an autoimmune disease.

How’d you like to be one of those people?  You can clap yourself on the back.  Hey, we cured your goiter but we also gave you Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis.

What that means is iodine is a trigger. It’s a trigger for Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid.

Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid is the number one cause of low thyroid in America–not iodine deficiency.

This whole issue of iodine exposes a nasty similarity between traditional medicine and “alternative” medicine.

Traditional medicine is looking at TSH and T4 and T3 and they didn’t really care about iodine.  They’re not even going to give you iodine because whatever the real cause of your low thyroid symptoms might be..the only thing you’re going to get from them is replacement thyroid hormones. No matter what. It’s pretty much the only tool they have to offer. (And you know the old saying…”If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like nails.”)

They don’t care if  the cause of your symptoms is

  • Hashimoto’s…
  • T4 to T3 overconversion problem…
  • Under conversion problem…
  • Thyroid binding globulin problem

—doesn’t matter.  You’re getting thyroid hormones from the traditional medical doctor. This is why so many women STILL feel terrible.

So traditional medicine has nice little box. You’ve heard of thinking “outside the box?” Well Traditional medicine has their nice little dusty box, been sittingt here for 30, 40 years and that’s how they do it. (humph!)

Over here we have the not so alternative-alternative medicine approach.  And what they do is they also have their sad, outdated box way of thinking. Inside their box is the idea that everyone with low thyroid needs iodine supplementation, or tyrosine, or broad immune system support ,or they need to take thyroid glandulars.

Here’s what the not-so-alternative medicine doesn’t know…conventional medicine, they do some testing. Not-so-alternative medicine does almost no testing at all.  They’re still doing things like the Barnes underarm thyroid test and that is an ancient, prehistoric, non-useful way of evaluating the thyroid.

There are also people in this camp that are doing the iodine absorption test as if that had any real relationship to your need for iodine (it doesn’t).

The craziest thing is that these not-so-alternative practitioners ignore the fact that iodine is a trigger for Hashimoto’s.  If you wanna give yourself Hashimoto’s, keep taking the iodine that one of the not-so-alternative medicine doctors gave you. They mean well,  by the way. I’m not trying to slam them.

But that well meaning “alternative” doctor doesn’t understand the fact that what we’re really dealing with, almost 90 percent of the time, is not low iodine.The problem is an autoimmune problem.

And you can look through my other posts on Hashimoto’s; it’s a very complex issue. But iHashimoto’s can be managed and you can feel great again.


If you think you’ve got low thyroid….please don’t go to the health food store and open the book “Prescription for nutritional healing” or ask the minimum wage employee what to do, because you’re going to get recommended  iodine (or you’re gonna get tyrosine, I’ll talk about tyrosine later. )

Iodine is a trigger.  One of the studies I quoted calls it an  “explosive mix.”

That’s what I want you to remember.  If you’re taking iodine—and you’ve got low thyroid symptoms—and you haven’t had the correct tests done—you don’t even know if you’re autoimmune or not–taking Iodine is like swallowing  a burning stick of dynamite with a long fuse on it.

It could trigger a massive autoimmune process that can’t be stopped.(but could be slowed down)

See, having low thyroid symptoms because of an “underactive” thyroid gland is one thing, although not as common as you might think.

Having an autoimmune disease is a whole ‘nother ball game and if you keep taking iodine, you are playing Russian roulette with six loaded barrels.  You’re swallowing dynamite.

I don’t know how many analogies I can mix here but you need to stop.

That’s the biggest thyroid mistake I see.  A person with low thyroid symptoms taking iodine.

Iodine is a trigger for autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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Felicia - February 8, 2011

Then what do you take

Rosanne - April 26, 2011

I did take a whole bottle of Iodine I ordered off the Dallas woman’s center. Then I started seeing articles about iodine. I never gained a pound until the last ten years. I had blood work done and my TSH level was 0.71 reference range is 0.40-4.50 so I am on the low range. What is a holistic approach to speeding up your thyroid?

Eveline Markow - January 26, 2013

I have low Thyroid, My Dr. wants me to take Thyrosine, a other gave my Iodine 3 Drop twice a day. I am on Levocyn right now but I want to get off of Med.

Eveline Markow

- November 15, 2014

If you have Hashimoto’s, you have to be VERy VERy careful with tyrosine and Iodine. You must be 100% sure you do not have Hashimoto’s.


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