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Low Thyroid Brain Fog, Memory Problems, Hair Loss Eliminated

Corey shares her success with Low thyroid Brain Fog, short term memory problems and Hair loss.

Why Isn’t My Doctor Doing Anything About the Autoimmune Part of My Low Thyroid Problem?

Dr. David Clark, DC – Center for Low Thyroid Solutions Durham, NC -explains the 3 surprising reasons why your doctor isn’t doing anything for the autoimmune part of Hashimoto’s.

Every day I get asked the question, “Why isn’t my doctor doing anything about the autoimmune part of my low thyroid problem?”  There are three reasons why your doctor isn’t doing anything about it…

1. Your doctor may not know that you have autoimmune problem.  If they have not tested you for Hashimoto’s, then they don’t know you have  an autoimmune thyroid problem.

2. What you have to understand is if that even if your doctors knows for sure that you’ve got Hashimoto’s autoimmune hypothyroidism— the only treatment your doctor has for you replacement thyroid hormones.  They don’t have any other tool to offer you.

3. The more sinister reason–your doctor doesn’t really understand Hashimoto’s in the first place. They haven’t read an scientific article about Hashimoto’s in years. They’re out of touch with current science. (The current record for admitted out-of-touchness by my patients former doctors is TEN years.)

I see a lot of people in my practice that have Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune attack on the thyroid gland.  And most of these people have already been taking thyroid hormones for a year or two years or three years, but they still feel bad.

They still have:

  • constipation
  • depression
  • hair loss
  • brittle nails
  • dry skin
  • severe fatigue
  • sleep problems (not enough, insomnia).
  • low libido
  • infertility.

The reason why they still have theses low thyroid symptoms?

When you have Hashimoto’s and all you do is give the person replacement thyroid hormones like Synthroid®, Levoxyl® or Armour® — it does very little for what’s actually happening in Hashimoto’s.

In Hashimoto’s your immune system is destroying your thyroid gland.  The replacement hormones don’t stop that. 

It’s the same as if  I were to come home and my house is on fire, but the firefighters give me a key to a hotel room…but NEVER try to put out the fire. What are we going to do to put out the fire? Ignore it. Let it burn and hope everything works out OK?

To me, that’s asinine.  I’m shocked that more physicians aren’t trying to do something more.

You can’t tell me that all these doctors don’t know something’s not working when their patients are coming back every six months saying, “I still feel awful.”  I mean what are the doctors doing?  In their mind, what are they thinking? 

Well, I’ll tell you what they might be thinking.

  • A lot of doctors think your nuts.
  • A lot of them think you’re not complying.
  • A lot of them think you’re overeating etc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the doctors that treat these women suffering with Hashimoto’s think that you go home and eat ice cream & bonbons while sipping a milkshake. And that’s why you’re still gaining weight.

Seriously, I think that’s what some of them think.  But I don’t understand why they don’t try to do something about it.

If your the doctor, I just don’t understand how someone can show up to your office and say, “I still feel bad.”

And you say, “Well, time to give you more of the same thing I already gave you that didn’t work.”

That just doesn’t make any sense to me.  But that’s what a lot of these doctors are doing; and I think it’s because they don’t understand Hashimoto’s.  They don’t understand that it’s an autoimmune condition.

A lot of doctors have stopped reading.  When they got their diploma and they got their degree, they stopped reading medical journals.  They certainly stopped reading about anything that has to do with natural management or non-drug methods.  They’re not reading any of that.

It just saddens me.

I see hundreds of these people – thousands of these people that are taking thyroid medication just like they’re supposed to.  Their labs are normal, but they still have low thyroid symptoms while they’re taking that medication.  And it’s because the medication not helping their underlying problem.

Many times, when I’m here in my office talking to people, I get really angry at what doctors are telling people….

That can’t have anything to do with it,”

“Gluten can’t have anything to do with your Hashimoto.  There’s nothing you can do for this, you just have to live with it.”

Trash that doctors spit out as a defense mechanism. But they’re really not getting you better in the process.

And that’s why your doctor’s not doing anything about the autoimmune part of your thyroid problem.  They either

A. Don’t know you’ve got it, so then you’ve got to get tested for it. 

B. Even if you did get tested for it, they’re the hammer and you’re the nail. 

They only have one tool and their hammer is thyroid replacement hormones.  Most of them don’t have any training in what to do with autoimmunity.  They have no idea about what modulates it, what makes it better.  And they’re terrified, terrified that they’re ignorance is going to be exposed.  Most of these people are just terrified that you’re gonna ask them some question that they don’t know the answer to, which is why they say, “Oh, you can’t do that.”   They’re gonna poo-poo things they don’t understand.

If you’ve found a doctor that can tell you, “Look, I don’t know about that,  It’s not my field.”  That I can accept.  It’s the doctors that act like they do know what they’re talking about but really have no basis for their opinion… that infuriates me.

There is help.  You have to find a doctor  who understands all these things I’m just telling you.

Someone who understands and has been trained on how to functionally deal with this autoimmune problem and get it calmed down and get your immune system under control.

If you don’t get the right help, that autoimmune problem can expand into more tissues, more organs, and cause more problems that are ten times worse than the awful thyroid symptoms you’re suffering right now.

©2012 David Clark.

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Which Thyroid Hormone Is Best For Hashimoto’s? Synthetic or Bioidentical

Dr. David Clark, DC -Center for Low Thyroid Solutions Durham, NC- guides Hashimoto’s sufferers through the debate about synthetic vs. biodidentical thyroid hormones.

Let’s talk for a second about the debate between what is best for Hashimoto’s – synthetic thyroid hormones versus bioidentical thyroid hormones.

The answer is… neither one of them is best.

This is a real red herring of a debate that I see a lot of people that are suffering with Hashimoto’s and low thyroid symptoms get sucked into.  They get sucked into this debate over, you know, which is better – synthetic or natural.  The answer is there is no better one.  It depends on what works for the individual.

In reality, the answer to the question to what hormone you should be on if you have Hashimoto’s is only about 10% of the battle.  The other 90% of the battle is what are you going to do to calm down this autoimmune response? 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of doctor’s who don’t understand Hashimoto’s.  They don’t understand autoimmune.  They don’t understand really what triggers it, what perpetuates it.

So instead we get stuck on these useless moot debates about Synthroid versus Armour.  Levoxyl versus Nature-Throid, and it doesn’t matter.

Just this past week, I had to give this speech…

I was talkng with a women whose TSH is over 10.0.  She was never diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  We ran the tests….she’s got Hashimoto’s, but she just doesn’t want to be on a medication.  She doesn’t want to be on a “synthetic medication.”  She wants to try one of the “natural things,” but she doesn’t know what to do.

I said “Kim, you know, you’re killing yourself.  You’re really punishing yourself for no reason.  I mean, if you had a leg that was amputated, if you wanted to walk again, you’d get a prosthetic leg.  Right?  You wouldn’t just hobble around and crawl on the floor.  You’d get a prosthetic leg.  They make prosthetic legs to help that exact situation.”

In Hashimoto’s it’s the same situation. 

In Hashimoto’s you’re going to lose pieces of your thyroid gland, and you’re never going to get them back.  And being worried or having some kind of idealistic problem with being on a medication for that problem means you’re unnecessarily punishing yourself. 

You deserve to have some kind of thyroid function.  Right? You deserve to be free of low thyroid symptoms like:

  • constipation
  • hair loss
  • brain fog
  • depression

If you’ve got Hashimoto’s, there’s a really good chance – I mean a really good chance– you’re going to have to be on some type of thyroid hormone replacement at some point.  But what kind of thyroid hormone replacement is going to vary from person to person.  Let me explain why.

Some people do great on synthetic thyroid hormones.

However, if you go to the internet and you starting looking in chat rooms, you’re going to see that people say “Synthroid is awful.”

And it may be awful for that person who made the post…but synthetics do great for some people….and for some people bioidenticals are awful.  They have a horrible time with bioidentical thyroid hormones.  And here’s why…

When you have Hashimoto’s, you have an autoimmune attack on your thyroid gland.  You start destroying the inside your thyroid gland.  You start destroying the enzyme thyroid peroxidase and/or and you destroy thyroglobulin.

When you have autoimmunity and you’ve already targeted and attacked one tissue, the taboo is broken…your whole body is on the menu now.   

The autoimmune attack can now progress beyond TPO and beyond Thryoglobulin…progress to now attacking your own hormones–T4 and T3. 

If you’re that person who is now attacking your own T4 and T3, and you start taking Armour or Nature-Throid…and you have a really bad reaction to it…There’s a really good chance that what happened is you just put more wood on the burning fire.

You were already attacking your thyroid hormones, and now you just gave your immune system a whole bunch more fuel to attack.

I hope that makes sense.

That person usually does great on synthetic thyroid hormones.

But some people don’t do well on synthetics, and here’s why.

Synthroid, for example, contains fillers. These fillers can stimulate your immune system to be more out of balance, and you can have a reaction to them.  You can feel inflamed, oir have more low thyroid symptoms.

That’s the basic two scenarios that happen—attacking your own hormones, or being wrongly stimulated by the fillers.

The fact is, if you’re watching this, you’re just going to have to find a doctor who’ll work with you, and you’re going to find which one works best for you.

Don’t get sucked into the debate about natural versus synthetic.  That is so a waste of your time.

What you really have to do is focus on “what am I going to do to get this autoimmune thing under control?”  Because the thyroid hormone replacement is going to do very little to address the autoimmune process. 

And your autoimmune attack could keep on progressing and can move into other tissues. This is dangerous. Your immune system can attack your cerebellum, your pancreas….any tissue….and cause a more symptoms that are way worse than what you’re already feeling, and those are bad enough.

So you’ve got to find a doctor who understands that it synthetic or bioidentical doesn’t really matter… just find out which one works for you. This doctor should understand that you could react badly to either kind, and if you do– does NOT ignore it.

More important for your long term heatlh—you’ve got to find a doctor who understands how to get this Hashimoto’s autoimmune tissue attack under control and help balance your immune system.

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©2011 David Clark.